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PER | L5: Web Bk/CD - John Wyndham
PER | L5: Web Bk/CD - John Wyndham
Krátky popis Zľavnený produkt PER | L5: Web Bk/CD - John Wyndham od výrobca PEARSON English Readers u nás nájdete v akcii za 9,37 €
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  • 9,37
PEARSON English Readers
EAN 9781405880220
Contemporary / British EnglishThe island of Tanakuatua seems like heaven to the forty people who go there to create a new society But soon they start to die in a horrible way Something strange is in the forest Two of the group decide to fight!
Žáner Jazyky, vzdelanie
Nakladateľstvo PEARSON English Readers
Autor John Wyndham
Počet strán 65
Datum vydání 2008
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