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P - Whiskey Cocktails - Brian Van Flandern, Harald Gottschalk
P - Whiskey Cocktails - Brian Van Flandern, Harald Gottschalk
Krátky popis Kvalitný a lacný produkt P - Whiskey Cocktails - Brian Van Flandern, Harald Gottschalk od výrobca Marston Book Services Ltd u nás nájdete výhodne za 22,50 €
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Marston Book Services Ltd
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(Miera a oblasť poškodenia, ohnutých stránok, alebo rozmanitosť môže byť rôzna v závislosti od knihy, zohľadnená ponúkanou zľavou 50% Vzhľadom k tomu nie je možné na ponúkané tituly uplatniť reklamáciu) In Whiskey Cocktails, America’s top mixologist Brian Van Flandern reprises his role as author in the fifth edition of Assouline’s best-selling cocktail series Whiskey is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyed spirits, sipped by Madison Avenue “Ad Men” and the blue-collar alike—the “good ol’ boys drinking whiskey and rye” of Don Mclean’s American Pie Now distilled in all corners of the world, it has grown to become the most popular liquor even in countries not typically associated with its manufacture While Japanese distilleries frequently win awards and accolades for their internationally reputed single malts, it is only the choicest productions that receive appellation d’origine controlee, with the oldest spirit, Scotch, coming only from Scotland, and Bourbon and Rye both tracing their (albeit disputed roots) to the American south This book presents recipes from the mind of America’s top mixologist, all shot against the backdrop of such legendary New York City bars as The Brandy Library, Dead Rabbit Bar and McSorleys Like the many vintages explored within, Whiskey Cocktails belongs so high up on the shelf even the most seasoned bartender may need a ladder to reach it
Žáner Obrazové publikácie
Nakladateľstvo Marston Book Services Ltd
Autor Brian Van Flandern, Harald Gottschalk
Počet strán 140
Datum vydání 2018
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