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Love Her Wild
Love Her Wild
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  • 14,51
Headline Publishing Group
EAN 9781472250933
For fans of Milk & Honey and Chasers of the Light, the first collection of poetry by Instagram sensation Atticus Love Her Wild is a collection of new and beloved poems from Atticus, the young writer who has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of avid followers on his Instagram account @atticuspoetry In Love Her Wild, Atticus captures what is both raw and relatable about the smallest and the grandest moments in life: the first glimpse of a new love in Paris; skinny dipping on a summer's night; the irrepressible exuberance of the female spirit; or drinking whiskey in the desert watching the rising sun With honesty, poignancy, and romantic flair, Atticus distils the most exhilarating highs and the heart-breaking lows of life and love into a few perfectly evocative lines, ensuring that his words will become etched in your mind and will awaken your sense of adventure
Žáner Poézia
Nakladateľstvo Headline Publishing Group
Autor Atticus
Počet strán 240
Datum vydání 2017
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