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King of Swords - Nick Stone
King of Swords - Nick Stone
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Penguin Books Ltd.
EAN 9780141021072
This book is set in Miami, 1981 When Detective Max Mingus and his partner Joe are called to the scene of a death at Miami's Primate Park, it looks like another routine - if slightly bizarre - investigation Until two things turn up: the victim's family, slaughtered; and a partly digested tarot card in the dead man's stomach; 'The King of Swords' An increasingly bloody trail leads Max and Joe first to a sinister fortune-teller and her scheming pimp son, then to the infamous Solomon Boukman Few have ever met the most feared criminal in Miami, but rumours abound of a forked tongue, voodoo ceremonies and friends in very high places Against a backdrop of black magic and police corruption, Max and Joe must distinguish the good guys from the bad - and track down some answers What is the significance of the King of Swords? What makes those who have swallowed the card go on a killing spree just before they die? And can Max find out the truth about Solomon Boukman, before death's shadow reaches his own front door?
Žáner Angličtina ( tituly v Anglickom jazyku)
Nakladateľstvo Penguin Books Ltd.
Autor Nick Stone
Počet strán 566
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