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Bratislava Active English - Martin Sloboda
Bratislava Active English - Martin Sloboda
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MS AGENCY, s.r.o.
EAN 9788089159161
The “ultimate guide to Bratislava” shows you Bratislava as only an insider can know it This comprehensive guidebook written by a professional guide will take you right to the places you want quickly and easily without searching around An easy-to-read layout of the book is divided into coloured chapters describes the best of Bratislava from sights through cultural events and leisure, accommodation, going out places to shopping and a even a phrasebook of Slovak Full of insider tips and hundreds of photos, it is useful for day trippers as well as expatriates
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Nakladateľstvo MS AGENCY, s.r.o.
Autor Martin Sloboda
Počet strán 148
Datum vydání 2014
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